With the book series “Kompendien Musik”, published by Laaber, the Society for Music Research aims at presenting musicology to a wider public in an intelligible way, with all its different subdisciplines, current topics and themes as well as methodological approaches. In the past decades, musicology has changed to be a highly diverse and specialised academic field placed in a network within humanities and life sciences. Up to now there has been no published work that offers an overview and appraisal of the field today in combination with an introduction into fundamental research topics and research methods. This gap shall be bridged with the compendium series. Up-to-date information and clarity of presentation are primary goals for each of the volumes on a defined subject, while methodological differences are also tackled in detail. Texts are supplemented by illustrations, score examples, tables and figures.


Book series „Kompendien Musik“, appears in Laaber publishing house in 16 volumes since 2010


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