So­unds of Pow­er

Sonic Court Rituals In- and Outside Europe in the 15th – 17th Centuries



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Thursday, 17 June 2021
Introduction & General Reflections

Chair: Cristina Urchueguía

14:00 Opening
           (CET) Cristina Urchueguía
            Margret Scharrer
            A. Tül Demirbaş

14:15 Keynote: Sovereign Power and the Place of Pleasure: Musical Patronage in Mughal India, 1593–1707
           Katherine Butler Schofield

15:00 What’s All This Noise? Exploring the Soundscapes of the Early Modern
           Court: Chances and Challenges
           Harriet Rudolph

15:30 Coffee break

Chair: Judith I. Haug

16:00 Sight and Sound of Power. Communication Strategies of Papal Rituals in Early
            Modern Rome
            Tobias C. Weißmann

16:30 “Cantiam vittoria, gaudio, honor, trionfo, e pace” – Die Sakralisierung Venedigs mittels der rappresentazioni (1570–1605)
             Evelyn Korsch

Friday, 18 June 2021
Ottoman & Habsburg-Burgundian Court Cultures

Chair: Margret Scharrer

10:00 “Pour consideracion des bons et aggreables services”: dons, musiciens et communication politique à la cour de Bourgogne           
            Baptiste Rameau

10:30 Maximilian I and the Musical Experiences of Bianca Maria Sforza
           Helen Coffey

11:00 Marian Devotion as Expression of Power. Aspects of Repertoire and Political Representation at the Court of Margaret of Austria
           Daniel Tiemeyer

11:30 Lunch

Chair: A. Tül Demirbaş

13:30 Traces of Modern Ideas in the Music of the Ottoman Empire
           Songül Karahasanoğlu & Süleyman Cabir Çıplak

14:00 The Expression of Awe during the Early Modern Ottoman Carnivals of Animals
            Ido Ben-Ami

14:30 The Soundscape of Ottoman-Habsburg Diplomacy in the Eighteenth Century
           Gamze İlaslan

15:00 Coffee break

Chair: Margret Scharrer

15:30 Roundtable: Between Ottoman, Habsburg and Burgundy
           Markus Koller
           Cristina Urchueguía
           Karolina Zgraja

Saturday, 19 June 2021
Other Cultures and Transfers

Chair: Judith I. Haug

09:30 Setúbal Soundscapes: Performing the Power of the House of Aveiro during Early Modern Portugal
           Ana Cláudia Silveira

10:00 “Ein solcher Lärm ..” Der Klang auf den Hochzeiten des Spätmittelalters
            Christof Paulus

10:30 Coffee break

Chair: Margret Scharrer

11:00 The Multi-Layered Soundscape of Charles V Entries in Spanish Cities
           Esperanza Rodríguez-García

11:30 Die leisen Klänge der Macht – Das Rebecchino im Kunsthistorischen Museum in Wien
           Thilo Hirsch & Marina Haiduk

12:00 Lunch

Chair: A. Tül Demirbaş

14:00 Sonorous Spaces of Splendour: Utilization of Sound in the Courtly Culture of the Safavid Empire in the 17th Century Isfahan
           Zeynep Çavuşoğlu

14:30 Koreanische Hofmusik der Joseon-Dynastie zur Zeit von König Sejong (1418–1450)
           Jieun Kim

15:00 Coffee break

Chair: Cristina Urchueguía

15:30 Imperial and Far-reaching: State Processional Music of 16th Century China
           Joseph S. C. Lam

16:00 The Sound of Habsburg Power in Colonial Mexico: Ritual and Projection of Identity Throughout Music in Exequias and Other
            Viceregal Events
           Grayson Wagstaff

16:30 Coffee break

Chair: Songül Karahasanoğlu

17:00 Roundtable: Sound of Power, Sound of Cultures
           François Picard
           Wolfgang Behr
           Britta Sweers